Personalised Learning plans at Griffith High School

During Term One Griffith High School held an afternoon gathering for staff, Indigenous students their parents, carers and community members. The aim of this was to discuss and assemble Aboriginal students Personalised Learning Plans, also known as PLPS.

PLPs provide Griffith High School with an opportunity to engage students, parents and school staff in conversation that brings together the aims of the school, the strengths and goals of the students and the support of parents/caregivers and community.

While compiling individual PLP’s teachers considered the values of the Aboriginal students, the student’s sense of identity, their goals and unique needs. PLPs also take into account the family involvement and the respect that parents and caregivers are the first educators of the students and the social skills and school engagement of each students.

The PLP’s demonstrate that Griffith High School staff know how their Aboriginal students learn, each student’s strengths and how to build on these achievements. They are a structure that can be built on and are consistently evolving with the students as they grow and change.

Story contributed by Allison Stewart from Griffith High School. Published in 2016.